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Yes! All our work is proudly produced right here in Perth, Western Australia using Australian made metals. All items are made to order. Please don't compare our products to what you see on the large e-commerce sites and online decor shops. These products are generally made using inferior metals and are massed produced in countries like China and Turkey, with very little recourse a few months later when problems arise with your sign.


Perth Metal Art prides itself on producing very high-quality custom design work. We are very experienced at this type of work and love producing artwork that our customers can admire for years to come.

After you have discussed your custom artwork with us outlining your requirements, you will be emailed a quotation for your custom sign. If you would like to proceed with your order, payment details can be found on the quotation. After you have confirmed your order and payment has been completed, you will then be emailed the artwork for approval. We will generally provide a few different proofs of which you can either approve or further edit. We will not put your piece into production unless you are 100% happy with your artwork.


All custom orders will receive artwork proof(s) via email prior to production, including shop product orders that have customised text options.


Free shipping is offered for online shop orders. Each piece is made to order and ships out within 7-10 business days. Powder coated (painted black option) pieces may take a little longer depending on the powder coating queue at the time.  Once shipped you will receive a tracking number to your email and/or phone.  If your order is a priority please let us know and if we are able to help we will! You can also collect from us in Warwick 6024, strictly by appointment. 

Larger custom pieces (Over 1000mm)  DO NOT qualify for free shipping. Please send your enquiry along with the address and a shipping price will be supplied. Alternatively the item can be arranged to be collected from our workshop in Warwick WA strictly by appointment.


The majority of our signs are made from 1.6mm mild steel and Corten weathering steel, and our dual layer signs are often made with the backing being 1.2mm mild steel. This is generally the best balance between weight, strength and affordability.  Aluminium signs and decorative screens will be either 2mm or 3mm depending on the size.  Please find information below regarding the different choices in material. Prices increase respectively.

RAW MILD STEEL - if left untreated will rust (often done intentionally to create the rusty look). If you like the raw steel look or once the rust gets to a level you like, you can coat the piece in a product called Penetrol. This will seal the sign and stop further weathering.

CORTEN WEATHERING STEEL - Corten weathering steel looks very similar to raw mild steel when the rusting process starts. The difference is Corten contains small amounts of copper, chromium and nickel not found in mild steel and forms a protective oxide layer instead of continuing to rust. Corten steel can change shades of colour during the different seasons and can take on a slightly more orange appearance than rusting mild steel. Corten steel has zero maintenance and will last a very very long time. Corten weathering steel is slightly more expensive than raw mild steel but is a much better option for longevity and aesthetics when wanting the weathered/rusty look.

ALUMINIUM -  Aluminium is often described as light, durable and functional. In its raw form it has a silvery-white appearance. It weighs approximately 1/3 of what mild steel weighs but is still very strong and doesn't rust. In fact it has a better strength to weight ratio than stainless steel! Due to a thin surface layer of aluminium oxide, it is extremely corrosion-resistant. Aluminium is more expensive than both mild steel and corten weathering steel. 

STAINLESS STEEL - Stainless steel is known as a corrosion resistance steel. It contains a minimum of 10.5% chromium content which forms a passive film that can protect the material and self-heal in the presence of oxygen. Stainless steel is the most expensive option of the metals.


All sales are final, and no refunds will be issued unless:
• You receive the wrong item.
• Your item arrives damaged.

What if my order arrives damaged?

In the event that your order arrives damaged, please document the damage with photos within 24hrs. This is the courier company's window of accepting a claim. If the packaging is damaged, take photos of that as well. Contact us and we will work with you to either replace your order or refund you.


Yes, please contact us if you are interested in stocking our products or would like a quote for ongoing multiple orders.


While we do our very best to provide you with a perfect sign, please use caution when handling. Depending on the design, sharp edges are possible. Properly secure your artwork on the wall. Keep in mind that raw metal signs will slowly rust if you don't finish them (which is often done intentionally to achieve a rustic look). If you like the raw steel look without the rust or it gets to a level of rust you like, you can coat your artwork in Penetrol. Penetrol is an clear oil based metal primer/sealer which will coat the surface preventing further rusting or staining of walls, paving or fences. We also provide painting or powder coating services that will do all of the work for you. Each powder coated piece easily wipes down using just a damp cloth and is safe for outdoor display.



How do I hang my art?

Some of our signs come with mounting holes. Other designs don’t need specific mounting holes whereby you can use the cut-out areas to tuck small finishing nails/screws.


We recommend using chemshield black button head screws as their broadhead and flat backing allow them to sit flush with the sign giving maximum holding power.

Hidden fixings  - options include using 3M VHB tape or construction adhesives such as T-Rex fast grab. 


Stand offs - (whereby the sign will sit off the wall making it look like it is "floating") are another mounting option that provides an additional interesting element that casts a shadow and really makes the piece “pop”!  These are made from stainless steel with a black finish. Please enquire if you would like to add these to your order, as we would need to make the mounting holes larger on your sign to accommodate the stand offs.

stand off fixings
Metal art with stand offs
Metal art using stand off fixings
Geometric metal art

If you unsure on how best to mount your piece, please contact us for advice. We can add mounting holes to any area of the piece to suit your needs. If you are purchasing a raw steel or Corten sign you can also easily add mounting holes simply by drilling through the metal.


We can make ANY of our designs larger. However, not all designs are candidates to make smaller. Smaller pieces often result in loss of details. In other words, bigger is usually better. Contact us now for a custom size quote.


A dual layered sign is two or more pieces that are fixed together. Dual layered signs provide an additional dimension and allows for different colours to be used to create a real WOW factor!


We can supply your metal art creation in raw mild steel, corten weathering steel, raw aluminium or stainless steel. Prices increase respectively with these materials.  You can also have any of these materials (except corten steel) finished with our powder coating service. The "painted black" option in our online shop refers to a powder coated black finish. Please see examples below:

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