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Decorative panels

At Perth Metal Art, we specialise in creating beautiful and unique metal art decorative screens and decorative panels. Our metal art is made from high-quality metals and is designed with creativity and passion to bring beauty to your home or business. We DO NOT supply inferior plastic or ACP (aluminium composite panel) decorative screens found elsewhere. Our decorative screens are made from solid metal and built to last!

We create a variety of metal art pieces, from wall art to decorative screens and everything in-between! Each piece of art is carefully crafted with attention to detail and is made to last. With our metal art, you can add a modern and unique touch to your space.

Our vast range of decorative screens and panels can be made from either mild steel, Corten weathering steel, or powder coated aluminium.  Please refer to the FAQ for the differences between these materials. The black image of each design is how the screen looks powder coated black, and the brown image represents how the raw mild steel and corten steel looks after the weathering process has begun.  


For a quote please contact us with the design number, sizing and preferred material. For a fee of $35 we can superimpose one of our decorative screen designs to the area where you are thinking about installing them. This gives you a great visualisation of how your area will look with your proposed decorative screen before committing to purchase. If you decide to go ahead this fee will then be deducted from your purchase price. Please click here to purchase the superimposed design service.

Decorative screen sizes start at 1150mm H x 550mm W up to 2350mm H x 1150mm W

Decorative panel sizes start at 1150mm H x 390mm W up to 2350mm H x 750mm W

Decorative screens 
starting size 1150mm h x 550mm w 

starting size 1150MM h X 600MM w (PER INDIVIDUAL PANEL)

starting size 1150MM h X 390MM w 

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